Client Focus

Our team has a long track record of success and an expansive range of advisory, consulting, and financing experience.



Businesses face new challenges on a daily basis; there is a need to innovate, be quick, leverage internal resources and to continually increase the value of your company. We deliver an industry specific approach to provide our clients with a wide array of advisory services  and financing, as well as industry specific solutions to continually navigate challenges while maintaining a focus on a respective client's objectives.


Strategic Planning

There are a myriad of processes by which organizations have defined its strategy and direction. As a result they make decisions acquiring resources to pursue this strategy. From these efforts an organization has defined a "Vision" for what it wants to be, a "Mission" to define its purpose and an outline of "Values" shared among its stakeholders and partners. In today's climate the relationship between strategy and results is constantly tested. The focus must shift towards identifying the desired results, coupled with prioritizing resources, assigning metrics and all the related steps to meet these objectives. We will work together to provide the insight to define the desired results and associated requirements. 


Project Management

The key to a project team is to meet all of the project goals and objectives while identifying the challenges presented by an organization's constraints. These include schedules, quality, and budget constraints. 

Conversely, the short timeline of many "projects" is in sharp contrast to many of the on-going functions of a business which deliver the normal goods and services.

Delivering on a project's objectives and metrics, rallying internal and external resources and expectations requires development of specific strategies and related skills to deliver results.


Supply Chain

In today's complex global business world, an organization's overall success is directly linked to the efficiency and effectiveness of its supply chain. A competitive advantage can be derived from a firm's products and solutions coupled with the processes that provide these products to end-users. Effective supply chain management enhances productivity and performance delivered by the enhanced combination of people, systems and technology to successfully compete. 

An organization's overall success is contingent on execution across the supply chain. To compete, an effective supply chain strategy optimizes productivity, especially when coupled with effective dissemination of a firm's vision, values and management strength.

All of the above is particularly true when pertaining to franchising. Our advisory team is well seasoned in all aspects of supply chain and we will work closely with your team seeing you through any and all processes.

Quick Financing

At any given moment, the economic climate might change, and businesses can be challenged financially, particularly, in these uncertain times. Whether you are seeking immediate financing for an unforeseen issue or emergency, or require capital for; expansion, growth, marketing, acquisitions, increasing payroll, purchasing equipment, or for just about any need, Magnum can provide immediate solutions and capital for all your financial requirements customized specifically towards your industry and particularly, for your business. 

Our seamless process will ensure fast results, and we will provide individual attention to your funding needs. During our evaluation process, we look at the bigger picture, not just a credit score.