Our Team

Salvatore Renaldi

 Chairman, Sanctum Media Group Inc.


Mr. Renaldi is the Founder and CEO of The Sanctum Group of Companies, Inc., majority shareholder and operator of Sanctum Media Group, Inc.


Mr. Renaldi is also currently the CEO of the Renaldi Group, Inc., a private equity investment firm headquartered in San Diego, California with a specific emphasis in first round bridge financing. Salvatore has over 30 years of experience in all phases of corporate finance and complex deal structure, as well as expertise in mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, venture funding and reverse merger transactions. Mr. Renaldi has served numerous industries spanning the globe including healthcare, biotechnology, information technology, consumer products, oil and gas, as well as alternative energy related companies.


Prior to the formation of the Renaldi Group, Inc., Mr. Renaldi was Managing Partner of S.R. Capital Corporation, an investment firm specializing in a variety of advisory services as a Merchant Bank with companies ranging from as early as startup to more seasoned and profitable enterprises. He has also managed and operated many successful sales and marketing campaigns over a span of more than 25 years.


 Mr. Renaldi is a passionate Philanthropist involved in many charities, sits on various boards and steering committees, and is a Fourth Degree and highest order of the Knights of Columbus.


Aaron D. Sadock, Esq. 
General Council / Legal Advisor

Mr. Sadock is General Council and Chief Legal Advisor for Sanctum Solutions. He is a partner at Panakos Law, APC, a law firm specializing in all aspects of Corporate Law.


Mr. Sadock’s practice is focused on business law for the entrepreneur, early stage venture companies, financing, mergers and acquisitions and all securities related matters.


His vast, in depth knowledge of securities law and business, affords Sanctum Solutions the benefit of a wide array of legal services pertaining to early stage venture companies, deal structuring, licensing, investor relations, negotiations and capital raising.


He received his Juris Doctorate from California Western School of Law and a B.A. Degree in International Security with an Emphasis in Conflict Resolutions from San Diego State University.

Barry Gardner

Senior Analyst


Barry brings more than 35 years of business leadership roles and experience in industries including restaurants, real estate, Information Technology, healthcare, aerospace, franchising, and consulting. He is well seasoned in dealing with investors and acquisitions geared towards real estate transactions and franchise purchasing.


He is the former president and owner of A&B Chicken, Inc. where for 25 years he operated this fast food restaurant chain and increased sales nearly tenfold during that span.


Barry is also the former President/Owner of The Entrepreneur’s Source performing franchise and business consulting services for prospective business owners, assisting clients in finding the right franchise opportunity and guiding them through the early periods of the business operation. With his wide industry range and overall business acumen, Barry is an excellent addition to the Sanctum Solutions team as he will be instrumental in consulting services for our franchisor clientele.

Richard M. Liamero  

President – Wealth Management Group


Mr. Liamero has been in the financial services industry for nearly 25 years. He began his Wall Street career at Lehman Brothers in 1990 where he became one of the youngest people to complete their training program and receive sponsorship to become a series 7 licensed representative (18 years old). He has been a Financial Consultant and Equities Trader at several investment banking firms over the last two decades.


Mr. Liamero has a proven track record of success in the proprietary trading of equities and options. He has utilized cutting edge technologies and various algorithms along with technical and fundamental analysis to consistently yield greater than industry average returns.


Mr. Liamero has also been a principal at several M&A firms helping to secure funding for a broad range of companies. Additionally, he is a founding member of the Twin Cities Board of Trade.


Sanctum relies heavily on Mr. Liamero’s vast knowledge of the securities industry in matters relating to the marketing of our Wealth Management services, advising our clients in taking their companies public and performing a multitude of functions in different capacities, but well within his area of expertise.



Daniel Monaco

Managing Partner



Mr. Monaco, formerly of Merrill Lynch and Merrill Edge, brings vast experience and a plethora of knowledge of all securities related matters. He is an expert in identifying and cultivating key business ideas, establishing roles and driving long term success for his clients. His well diversified background consists of crisis management, debt restructurings, debt consolidation, debt retirement strategies, and reorganizations.


While at Merrill Lynch Dan maintained his Series 7 and Series 66 licenses. His role at Merrill consisted of portfolio management, fundamental and technical analysis, equities trading, and financial advisory. By his 3rd year he ranked in the Top 200 producing representatives within the United States.


As Managing Director of Sanctum Solutions, Dan will oversee everything related to corporate introductions, business planning, deal structure, feasibility studies, Direct Public Offerings, and capitial formation. He spearhead’s a division of seasoned representatives with our clients long term vision and goals in mind.