As growth-oriented investors, we make direct equity investments in company's utilizing our own capital,  and additionally, we provide a wide array of financing options including, bridge loans, lines of credit, and revenue advances.  


Growth investing is the equity purchasing strategy that is defined as the process of investing in companies that are expected to grow at an above-average rate compared to their industry or the broader market. We tend to favor smaller, younger companies poised for exponential growth, and increased profitability potential in the future.    


We also act as "Crowdfunding Syndicate Managers", whereas, we will take the lead in pooling together a consortium of like-minded investors in an effort to secure the necessary capital that a company may require in accordance with its business, and operating plan. 


We have no particular industry preference, and geographic location is unimportant to us. We normally operate in the capacity of deal originators, but we will also participate in already existing offering structures, assuming we agree with its original terms. 

Startup, Seed, Series A, First Tier, Licensing, and Franchise Financing are our particular areas of investment concentration, but all levels of investment and deal structures will be considered.