Magnum Media Management is a Private Investment, Corporate Development, Media, Marketing, and Finance Firm.  


We are activist investors, providing strategic capital and advisory services to help solve short-term liquidity issues as well as the necessary financing for long-term and sustainable growth.


With a cross-pollination between our specialized and strategic divisions, our experienced managing directors help entrepreneurs and businesses reach higher levels of success and prosperity. We do this by making an investment in a business and partnering with them to strengthen the company’s market position, expand its customer reach and grow its enterprise value.

We create or help to enhance the company’s business plan by implementing proven sound, and time-tested strategies, while also applying analytical data, and key metrics that support a new and innovative approach in achieving desired results, particularly as it pertains to increasing sales and overall productivity and efficiency. 

We generate interest, as well as brand awareness for our partner companies' goods and services while also shaping a positive public opinion of the company itself, through various media outlets, social media platforms, and our vast network of news disseminating partners.   


Our executive team has well over a century of knowledge and expertise in complex deal transactions ‎and diverse strategies in helping companies grow organically, as well as expediting growth through a merger, acquisition, or a possible buy-out. 

We can also help in developing a franchise model and execution plan for companies looking to gain market penetration and growth through franchising. Additionally, we create licensing rights offerings for those that prefer that strategy as opposed to full franchising.  


The process of defining an organization's strategic direction and resource allocation must be done with input and consideration derived from analytical sources coupled with a clear understanding of its current market position and potential opp‎opportunities. We, here at Magnum Media Management, pride ourselves on being intimately involved with our partner companies, so that by working together with a common goal in mind, no opportunity to increase shareholder value, is ever regarded as a missed opportunity.